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Faith Lesson: Can You Pray After You’ve Had Surgery?

On July 28, 2010, I had a total knee replacement. What I had been trying to put off for several years finally became necessary as I struggled with the reality of the surgery in light of the many prayers that had been offered on my behalf for healing for at least the past 15+ years. But that struggle is for a different article at a different time.

If you have had surgery – and I have had 4 other knee surgeries – there is a lot to deal with in post-op recovery, much of which is centered around the anesthesia they use and the pain medication you may need to take once you are home. This time, my take-home medication was Vicodin.

One of the “faith lessons” the LORD has been trying make real in my life before the surgery, was learning how to “abide in Him” and in His love. After the surgery, I had forgotten about that – wish I could blame the anesthesia or the pain meds! But, the LORD is faithful “in-surgery” and “out-of-surgery”, and taught me some new ways to look at my prayer time alone with Him through the surgery. I’d like to share with you at least 2 “faith lessons” I am in the process of learning “post-op”:

      1. God wants my “presence” more than my “productivity in prayer”; and, …
      2. God is capable of “multi-tasking.”

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